Appointments via Skype are often possible at short notice within the next days or 1-2 weeks. Please use the following contact form for a first appointment request. We will contact you as soon as possible with concrete dates.

Of course you can also call us to make an appointment. Thank you.

Wolfgang Bischoff Mentoring

Human Culture Academy

Dipl Psych./Senior Director Wolfgang Bischoff

Ahrensfelderweg 16
D-22926 Ahrensburg

Festnetz: +49 4102 78930
Mobil: +49 172 517 90 74

In which offer are you interested?
Initial consultation online (free of charge, approx. 30 min.)Online Mentoring (1-2 h)Mentoring in person (1-2 h)Mentoring at The Baltic Sea (Intensive transformation program over several days, prices on request)Executive Mentoring

Consultation: 179,- €/h (incl. tax)

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