Wolfgang Bischoff

  • Dipl. psychologist and psychotherapist
  • International consultant and mentor for leaders in industry and business in Europe, America and Indonesia
  • Owner and founder of the Human Culture Academy Germany
  • Founder of the Himalaya Institute (1981) and spiritual director
  • Founder of the management consultancy “Güldenhorm Institut
  • Founder of the “Güldenholm Foundation” for the support of particularly gifted students and for the preservation, care and publication of human wisdom
  • Co-author of Human Excellence, a synthesis of western and eastern personality development concepts
  • Co-initiator of the PoWer programme (Partnership for Water Education and Research) of UNESCO
Wolfgang Bischoff

Expertise and milestones

  • As a pupil and student, high-performance athlete in artistic gymnastics and in the 100-meter run up to the Olympic standard; since then, exploration and research into the limits of the humanly possible
  • Lecturer at Cranfield University Management School, London
  • Speaker of the Center for Corporate Management (ZFU) Awarded the “Golden Teacher Award” 2004 ZFU, Switzerland
  • Pedagogical programme concept for
  • the support of leaders in their personal transformation
  • management training for the transformation of organizations in the digital change
  • Development of an international 2-year High Performance Leadership Training and a worldwide network for “Selfless Servant Leadership
  • Cooperation with the GDLN program of the World Bank, Washington, USA
  • Mentor for leaders from Unilever, Tchibo and World Bank, USA, among others

Wolfgang Bischoff has been taught by masters of the Himalayas in their traditional meditation methods for 37 years.