The Mentoring Program

We reach crossroads in life again and again, which call us to make a decision about the further direction of our life. These crossroads are often called “crises” in our language. Dealing with crises – whether privately or professionally – costs energy.

But what if the crisis would also release a force in the same way? What if a new driving force were to emerge that would set a process in motion and turn the crisis situation into an opportunity?

Use your chance for change

Your chance to break away from old ways of thinking. Your chance to make a more conscious decision about the further course of your life and actions.

With the Mentoring Program of the Human Culture Academy we support you individually and sustainably in your professional and private challenges. The focus is on you as a person, your inner convictions and driving forces.

Where is my power hiding?

What is my potential?

These are exactly the questions we pursue in the mentoring program. Release your undreamt-of sources of strength by acting sensibly and correctly for yourself out of your inner conviction.

It is our goal to make your creativity, intuition and joy of life accessible to you for an authentic, fulfilled and successful life.

During the program you will:

  • pause and reflect
  • understand the situation and identify and name problems
  • develop new solutions through the examination of oneself
  • develop your own potential and promote personal growth in all areas of life

Only when we start to pause and learn to follow our inner impulses can we actively shape life according to our wishes.

Exemplary methods:

  • Self-exploration sessions in individual work
  • Intensive discussions
  • Life observation exercises
  • Night learning
  • Destiny Test
  • physical exercises, body therapeutic interventions
  • Relaxation, concentration and meditation exercises
  • Meditative walks
  • contemplation…

Online Mentoring

Online Mentoring

One to two hour consultations on all questions of life – bookable individually or regularly over a longer period of time. Flexible scheduling directly in consultation with Wolfgang Bischoff.

Mentoring at the Baltic Sea

A very special program: Intensive individual care over several days in a special hotel at the Baltic Sea. Essential questions of life and your own destiny are profound topics, which are given space on these days.

Mentoring for leaders


Our mentoring program is ideally suited to support you as a leader in your development. Participation is possible online via Skype or in intensive form over several days at the Baltic Sea.